Glossary | P3A


Public-Private Partnership: An agreement between a government entity and one or more persons, subject to the public policy established by the Puerto Rico PPP Act – English, whose terms are provided under a Partnership Contract for the delegation of operations, functions, services or responsibilities of any government entity, as well as to design, develop, finance, maintain or operate of one or more facilities, or any combination thereof.

Partnership Committee: Committee appointed by the Authority to evaluate and select the skilled proponents of a Partnership and to establish and negotiate the terms and conditions it deems appropriate for the Partnership Contract.

Partnership Contract: The contract awarded between the selected proponent and the partnering government entity to establish a Partnership, which may include, but is not limited to, the delegation of a function, the administration or provision of one or more services, or the design, construction, financing, maintenance or operation of one or more facilities, which are themselves or are closely related to the Priority Projects as set forth in Article 3 of the PPP Act. A Partnership Contract may be, without it being understood as a limitation, any form of the following types of contracts:

  • Design and construction
  • Design, construction and operation
  • Design, construction, financing and operation
  • Design, construction, operation and transfer
  • Turnkey
  • Long-term lease
  • Surface rights
  • Administrative grant
  • Joint venture
  • Long-term administration and operation
  • Any other contract that separates or combines the phases of design, construction, financing, operation or maintenance of the Priority Projects, as established in Article 3 of the PPP Act.

Contractor: The person who executes a Partnership Contract with a partnering government entity or its successor.

Government Entity: Any department, agency, board, commission, body, bureau, office, municipal entity, public corporation or instrumentality of the Executive Branch of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, as well as the Judicial Branch and Legislative Branch, whether existing or to be created in the future.

Facility (ies): Any property, capital work or facility of public use, whether movable or immovable, now existing or to be developed in the future.

Proponent: Any person, or their affiliated or related entities, which has submitted a proposal to enter into a Partnership with a government entity.