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About P3A

Given the need to improve infrastructure and increase employment and economic development, the Puerto Rico Public-Private Partnerships Authority seeks to:

  • Provide greater support to the economic development of the Island by promoting job creation and growth of local businesses.
  • Improve the infrastructure of the Island to increase the reliability of services, reduce congestion, provide routine maintenance and generally enhance the value of assets.
  • Improve safety and environmental performance.
  • Make infrastructure projects viable when the funds needed for development are not available in the treasury.

The process of the P3A will encourage and support programs that provide a consistent, transparent and stable environment so that the innovation and investment of the private sector meets specific needs of the infrastructure of Puerto Rico.

The Partnerships will be lined with a high degree of public interest; that is to say, the Government neither resigns nor yields its rights to receive efficient services, nor does it resign to the ownership of the public assets included in the Partnership Contract.

About P3A