Partnerships | P3A


In December 2009, the P3A approved its initial Inventory of Priority Projects to be procured through PPP models. The projects belong to the following sectors:

    • Schools


      We seek to improve academic performance, increase security in the infrastructure and promote savings for citizens and the Government through more modern facilities in public schools on the Island. Learn more

    • Caguas-San Juan Commuter Rail Project

      Caguas-SJ Commuter Rail Project

      The PPPA, along with the DTPW, the PRHTA, and the AMC, has started the process to develop the Caguas-San Juan Commuter Rail Project as a public private partnership.
      Learn more

    • Maritime Transportation Services

      Maritime Transportation Services

      This Puerto Rico Public-Private Partnerships Authority in connection with the Maritime Transportation Authority for Puerto Rico and the Municipal Islands and the Puerto Rico Integrated Transit Authority has started the process to develop a Public-Private Partnership as a Minor Scale Project. Learn more

    • Aeropuerto


      We seek to improve facilities and services to passengers and strengthen the Puerto Rico’s capabilities in aviation, transportation, international trade, tourism and business travel. Learn more

    • Carreteras


      We seek to improve the conditions of transportation and mobility across Puerto Rico. In addition, we want to attain more efficient and durable highways to improve the connectivity and habitability of the Island. Learn more